How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for Your Business

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Today on our Facebook page for #TipTuesday, I shared my top 5 tips for how to get started with social media marketing for your business. If you haven’t already, be sure to “like” our Facebook page so you don’t miss out on new content.

1. Determine Your Goals

The first step is to determine your goals. Ask yourself: Why do you even want to be on social media? What do you want social media marketing to do for your business? Write those answers down and then start to develop goals for yourself. Where do you want to be in 1 month? 6 months? A year? Set clear goals that can actually be met. 

For example, don’t just say “I want to become more visible online.” Instead, set the goal of generating 4 new leads from your social media profiles per month.

2. Conduct Market Research

The next step is to conduct market research and become really clear on your target audience. Which social media platforms are they hanging out on? On which platforms are they engaging and interacting with brands within your same niche? Social listening is a great way to see how they are interacting with other brands. You can even conduct a survey and send it out to your target audience to learn about how they behave on the different social platforms, at what times they are on and what type of content they enjoy seeing from brands the most.

3. Find Your Resources

Determine what resources you have available to reach your social media marketing goals. What time do you have to dedicate? What social media management tools are you going to be using? Are you going to outsource to an agency? Figuring out the resources you have available is such an important step that I see too many people skip. They try to DIY and it ends in burnout and a negative perception of social media marketing.

Have you heard this before? “I tried social media and it did nothing for my business.”

We hear it all too often. Social media marketing can be and is an amazing tool for your business to not only become more visible online, but to generate new leads and form strong connections with your target audience. So if you’re struggling to find the resources – time being the main one we see our clients lacking – I would encourage you to get in touch. We may be just what you need, and we’d love to work with you!

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How to get started with social media marketing for your business | social media strategy and tips for social media inspiration and social media planning on the Socially Boutique Blog

4. Develop Your Strategy

We like to call this the What, When, Why & How.

What – what type of content are you putting out?

When – at what times and how often?

Why – what is the rationale behind your strategy and content?

How – how are you engaging and interacting with your audience?

Once you have all of this written out, you can really start to piece together your strategy and come up with a plan of action. If you decide that outsourcing is right for you, then you can skip this step because we have you covered on social media strategy. That’s actually my favorite part of the whole process.

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5. Take Action

Put your strategy to work and take action so you can achieve your goals. You have to put in the work and be consistent. Social media isn’t always an overnight thing. It takes showing up for your people every single day. It’s building connections, forming the relationships and then turning them into customers.

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Bonus: Schedule + Repurpose Your Content

Scheduling your content is so important. It helps you stay consistent and remain visible online. Also, there’s no need to constantly be creating new content. You can repurpose, recycle and reuse! Our favorite Social Media Scheduler is SmarterQueue because it allows you to do just that. It automatically recycles posts for you, so you can spend less time creating new content and more time becoming visible online. Try SmarterQueue for FREE >>

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How to get started with social media marketing for your business | social media strategy and tips for social media inspiration and social media planning on the Socially Boutique Blog


How to get Started with social media marketing for your business | Social media strategy tips on the Socially Boutique Blog


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